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OcUGT1-Catalyzed Glucosylation of Sulfuretin Yields Ten Glucosides. Catalysts, 2018, 8: 416.

Source: CatalystsDate: 2018-12-12


Sulfuretin glucosides are important sources of innovative drugs. However, few glucosides of sulfuretin have been observed innature.Therefore, it is urgent to diversify sulfuretin glycosides. Herein, glycosyltransferase (GT)-catalyzed glycodiversification of sulfuretin was achieved. Specifically, a flavonoid GT designated as OcUGT1 was used as a biocatalyst for the glucosylation of sulfuretin with UDP-Glc. The OcUGT1-assisted glucosylation of sulfuretin yielded ten glycosylated products, including three monoglucosides, five diglucosides and two triglucosides. The three monoglucosides were thus identified to be sulfuretin 3′-, 4′- and 6-glucoside according to HR-ESI-TOFMS data and their coelution with respective standards. A major diglucoside was assigned as sulfuretin 4′,6-diglucoside by HR-ESI-TOFMS in conjunction with NMR analysis. The exact structure of the other four diglucosides was not well characterized due to their trace amount. However, they were reasonably inferred as sulfuretin 3′,6-diglucoside, sulfuretin 3′,4′-diglucoside and two disaccharide glucosides. In addition, the structural identification of the remaining two triglucosides was not performed because of their small amount. However, one of the triglucosides was deduced to be sulfuretin 3′,4′,6-triglucoside based on the catalytic behavior of OcUGT1. Of the ten sulfuretin glucosides, at least six were new compounds. This is the first time to obtain monoglucosides, diglucosides and triglucosides of sulfuretin simultaneously by a single glycosyltransferase.

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